Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sex & Vows, the Hare Krsna Movement

Arguments have been posed from all sides. Some deem it be due to celibacy vows that there's abuse. Give up the vows to fix the Hare Krishna Movement.

Another side insists, polygamy! Many women can get protection by giving sex to good husband.

Some monogomists agree on aspect of giving sex to avoid abuse.

Each extreme contains misunderstandings.

A great deal all ready has been elucidated concerning polygamists. Abridged - they're extremely lusty for sex and power and control; living in that world of lies, showing credit therefore blame to Veda or Prabhupada. Giving polygamists too much attention is as bad as giving none. Too little, no one else tries to correct a thing, leaving others persisting with belief's Prabhuapda is a misogynists & encourages polygamy now. Too much attention - polygamists love - they are attention *hores. That's why the desire for many women surrounding them, serve their upper and lower tongues, must always be present as soon as they snap their fingers.

Next are those speaking to celibacy of the monogmist (marries one woman). Agreed, it is without doubt much child abuse and woman abuse be the result of sexual frustration. What this actually reveals is a problem of pretense. When a devotee pretends to be more than they are, better than they are - it fails. It will escape elsewhere. No hiding allowed by God or even the demi-gods. (Karma gets recorded too.)

A way it reveals itself is physical or verbal beating the object of sex: women and wife.

The other way of its manifestation is beating what would be the result of sex if they could only have it: children. They physically, verbally, even spiritually abuse children because they can't love what they can't have - or think they can't have, or did not come their way the moment they finally desired one, therefore abusing "others" children.

Those who have children but abuse them, do so for many reasons. One as Prabhupada explained, children get in the way of sense gratifcations. Including mental. Children make them think, reflect, or stop what they're doing and serve them (the child). None of what misogynists wish to indulge in much. Its not always fun, its work. Reality check: Fathers who serve children are setting a good example to serve others; and children are a barometer, golden opportunity to see our faults without too much false ego to deal with, then free faults away. However, such men do not want to notice any flaw they have, only others. They're the big family guru, never wrong. (Yet another falsification they make of Prabhupada philosophy.)

Such misogynists do not much see persons or personalism, chiefly they see objects. They likely have feelings which are skyrocketing, pushings they have little control over, including emotional. They often don't recognize it as presence, because of his pretense. When a wall must be held up, it requires much time & energy, can be exhaustive, with no vitality or honesty left to move freely ahead toward truth. The burdon is heavy, but false ego strong.

Some preach: for the Hare Krishna Movement to become successful once more, to bring in new members, to inspire old ones or get them active again, these vows must be changed.

Buddhists monks recognize they have taken vows to remain celibate. There are others who take vows never to marry and remain celibate. Devotees are full-fledged intelligent adults when taking such vows, know what they're doing, many ran after it with a ferver. Moreoever, the Hare Krsna Movement is one of the few that allow priests marriage. Simply not to take advantage. Marriage is not to live like karmi again under religious disguise. Prabhupada said marriage is not a license for sense gratificaiton. If someone can't do like that, what is the difficulty? Just don't do vows part (iniatiaton) and continue devotional practices.

If a reader has a hard time with any of this, try to understand its for, and about, discpiples. That guru is willing to suffer great sickness and other pains by taking much karma away from the disciple and into himself.

Prabhupada indeed has taken much of our karma and still does, for the purpose of saving the devotees. If unwanting to follow his instructions, why not step down? No need to give up worship and chanting of Krishna. Become a FOLK member and still worship Krishna. Chant japa anywhere, any time. Listen to CD kirtanas, or visit temples.

To use pretense to either go wild after polygamy and lording it over, or for others to dismiss higher understanding as only way for sex control over mind, body, senses as through the higher pleasure of Krishna, these misunderstanding or pretense merely results in circular debates. The monogmistic true grhasta (good householder) is to think of Krishna all day long or as much as possible. Then only, can sex desire cease. Whereas the grhamati (bad householder) thinks of polygamy, or sex and power all day.

And THAT is the reason abuse happens. The unwillingness to follow Prabhupada's instructions yet insist on initiation, putting on a good game of pretending, trying to pass off anartha's as normal.

The solution is not to lower the standards Prabhupada has set, but for the devotee to admit when they can't follow them, then do not ask for initiation. Work toward getting to the right stage before requesting initiation and taking vows of celibacy, rather than faking it.

Factually those who are wanting of sex, stopped meditating on the bliss of Krishna. Nobody can merely renounce. Such a pleasure must be replaced with a better pleasure. Many initiates have stopped doing like that, gradually discontinued replacing material pleasures with higher pleasures Krishna offers. Then wonder why their urge to merge has become exceedingly strong. Time to get back to basics.

While true that sexual abuse of women, children - and other forms of abuse of women and children, are due to male sexual frustrations, there are men just as frustrated who do "not" beat women or children. Therefore, why the other men are abusive?

Causes vary. From emotinal instability to entitlement; normality to abuse in their karmi home to molested by rabbi or priest. A great deal of anger and resentment, not knowing where to put it. However, largest reason? They choose to dishonestly follow Prabhupada and to maintain that dishonesty.

The following gets recognition because those who trhtufully do as Prabhupada instructs become cleansed and mended; then benedicted to give up the desire for sex all together. This is reported less since the rise of abuse exploiting Prabhupada's Movement. However, recovery and advancing has been seen. Not lip service, rather actual experiences and evidences.

The goal is to put all attention and energy on Krishna's blissful three-fold bending form, get out of the material world of repeated birth and death, live in blissfull happiness beyond anyones imagination, as it far surpasses anything we have in this earthly world. We don't have to die and go to heaven before we get a taste of it. By genuine practice of Krishna Consciousness any can have sublime experiences now.

Its difficult for many to understand the existance of a pleasere that can be more pleasureable then sex. It does exist. If somone doesn't want to apply themselves in this way anymore, simply renounce initiation too. Continue worship of Krishna. There's always possibilities. Merely, those who are blaming sex abuse on Prabhupada, misunderstand at best.

Sexual abuse is always due to liars, in and outside the Movement. Since when do sex abusers tell the truth, wear red flags, or warn they hold belief they have this as a right; additionally reveal they're usually abusive in many other ways too? Never. They lie, they cheat, and use anything they can think of to hide. Including schemes to give devotees the impression they're kind (hence wouldn't want to hurt their feelings & correct their philosophy), and authorities to think they are spiritually accurate.

Not referencing to child sexual abuse, another matter for another day. ADULTS. Grown-ups can be tricked, not to think we are above it. Therefore, misogynists and polygamists work to groom even the adult into believing they are so kind they'd never hurt a fly. This nature of the sex abusers has less to do with the Hare Krishna movement and more with the age of Kali.

Alhough it has a lot to do with the outcome in the Movement, the contamination, if authorities or strong devotees sit back and do nothing. In the past they've sometimes taken action, sometimes not. More often it's by popular demands, and proof Prabhupada's instructed opposite, when they will step up.

Everyone has a responsibility. We can't complain authorities do nothing if we do nothing. Small venture's fine, its something. Lodge a complaint to someone with power and will listen, post something somewhere, write a snail mail letter if you can (they stand out these days), do something else, talk about it.

Let not history repeat where all reamin silent. Again change or no change will be in relationship to what the populace insists upon, only then do authorities take a drop of action. Big or small, don't be quiet, make those whose responsibility it is to correct this mess, get off their laurals and simply correct it. If they don't, than "this" is the real reason our society will become degraded. Ignore abuse, you get temples and various communities filling up with abusers. A ripe marketplace, good for the pickings. Make friends with other abusers. Network.

This doesn't have to be, only will it should those in power do nothing.

Abuse, and many other such problems, are not the Krishna Conscious philosophy. Just can't imagine Prabhupada pleased about these activities. Therefore as you read or hear, take the time to pick out what is their nonsense, and what is genuine. Never give up Krishna. They misrepresent Him. Krishna gives bliss, protection, happiness, boundaries, genine spiritual enlivenment.

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